December 2002 had 22 dry days. Of the 9 rainy days, most days had only light rain for only a few (10 Ė 20 minutes) and most days the rain only appeared in the late after or evening, so we had 4 days with evening rain (12/19/22/29 December 2002), some daytime rain on 3 days (8/27/30 December 2002) and the 2 worst days (as in rain throughout the day) were 1 & 31 December 2002. Most December days had fine sunny morning but clouding over later in the afternoon on quite a number of days. The last week of December had many cloudy days and the worst of the rainy days.


November 2002 was not so wet, as expected, as itís the start to the dry season. Some rainy evenings mid-month but not much rain during daylight hours.  By my records we had 21 rain free days, 2 days with very light early morning rain, 5 evening with heavy rain showers, and 2 days with light rain about mid-day.  The really big change is the calm sea condition, boats are at anchor in Patong Bay, and people can swim relatively safely.


October 2002 was a wet month, as expected. By my rough records we only had 12 rain free days during day light hours. I donít count days with only a few drops of rain as Ďrainyí days. Most of the 19 rainy days only had light & short (10 Ė 20 minutes) showers mostly about mid-day or early afternoon, and only 3 days had a complete half-day of rain. I donít recall any days when it rained all day.


September 2002 lived up to its statistical record of the wettest month of the year. By my rough & ready reckoning we had 11 days with some sort of rain. The first 2 weeks had very nice weather and only 3 days with light rain. But from 17 Ė 25 September we had 8 days with some rain. The 22 & 23 September were very rainy days, as in rain almost all through the daylight hours. From 26 September the month ended with very nice sunny weather and no rain worth talking about.


August 2002 was quite a dry month considering that itís supposed to be the height of the rainy season. Iíve kept a rough track of the weather on my calendar and we did not have that many rainy days. The 1st and 2nd were bad days for rain, little bit of rain on 3rd, 7th & 8th. Then we had a long fine dry spell from 9th Ė 26th with some lovely sunny weather. Some rain 23rd, bit of rain 28th, heavy rain on 30th, light rain on 31st.

July 2002 was a very pleasant month, very little rain, plenty of sun, some wind. But the sea at all the beaches was very rough.

June 2002 was not a bad month, not really that much rain, mostly mixed sun and some cloud. I can only remember a 3-day dull period mid month, so not so bad for the so-called rainy season. You know, this rainy season image worries many potential first time visitors to Phuket. Repeat visitors know that the weather is not so bad, prices are lower and itís more relaxed with less people about.