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Suzuki SJ413 Caribian

Suzuki Caribian Photo

5 Seater with Air Con & 4 Wheel Drive

Jeep now retired from hire service


Honda Dream

Honda Dream

Electric Start, 110cc and 125 cc available

Bike now retired from rental service

(everyone now wants full automatic bikes)


Wave 125

Wave 125

Electric Start, 125 cc & Disc Brake

Bikes now retired from rental service

*** Important Information ***

Click HERE for my experiences about DRIVING IN THAILAND

International Driving License is required by Thai Law & must be carried while driving any motor vehicle

All vehicles must have valid Insurance Certificate & Road Tax stickers affixed to the vehicle

Copy of the vehicle's registration documents must be available for police inspection at all times

Motor Bike helmets worn at all times, including the passenger

Motor Bike lights ON at all times

Drive carefully & cautiously at all times (expect anything & everything from other drivers)

Do NOT Drink & Drive

Beware that the police are checking & enforcing all the above rules

Check the Insurance cover included in the vehicle hire before paying/taking away the vehicle

Motor Bike insurance is almost worthless and the driver will be expected to pay all damages/losses

Our Jeep insurance has an excess and the first 10,000 baht is payable by the driver

Remember that under Thai Law the driver is always responsible for the condition & documentation of the vehicle

For more information about vehicle hire then please e-mail to: 

or phone to:

Wallee & Alex Malcolm
Mobile : 081-2705374

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